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Pierce Conservation District offers numerous workshops throughout the year on wide ranging topics that can help improve your property and impact conservation efforts throughout Pierce County. You can browse some of our workshops by category below or visit our general calendar to see a full list of upcoming events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities.

Group Workshops
If you or your group or business would like to request a workshop, your Pierce Conservation District technicians are here to help with several great topics up our sleeves. From buffers to electric fencing to fertilizer applications to manure, mud, pasture management and more. Workshops are a great way to generate interest and conversation and get people to come through your business’ door

  1. Farm Workshops
  2. Harvest Pierce County Workshops
  3. Water Quality Workshops
  4. Rain Barrel Workshops
  5. Habitat Improvement Workshops
  1. May 16

    How to Build a Fence That Will Last Improve your pastures through rotational grazing or keep your animals out of wet areas by constructing safe, long-lasting field fencing. Bring your gloves and get hands-on experience in fence construction from Kiwi Fencing as workshop participants go through proper design, corner construction, energizer grounding, and fence usage.
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