Gleaning Project

The Gleaning Project, a program of Harvest Pierce County, harvests excess produce from farms and backyard fruit trees and shares the bounty with local food banks and shelters. Since 2011, the project has harvested and shared over 250,000 pounds of food with people in need. Gleaning events last between 2-4 hours and involve picking fruit, harvesting veggies, and hanging out with a fun group of people.
    Learn about the Pierce County Gleaning Project online.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Application period: Year-round

​Harvesters are volunteers who participate in gleaning events by helping to pick, sort, and weigh produce that is harvested. To become a harvester, visit our volunteer registration page here. After registering you can sign-up for weekly harvest events by viewing what is available on our calendar. 
​You do not need to attend a training to become a harvester because a Harvest Leader will train you during the gleaning event.​

Fruit Scout Position
Application period: Spring​

Fruit Scouts are volunteers who commit to registering new fruit trees for gleaning and checking on registered fruit trees to make sure they are healthy and ripe for picking. This is a great independent volunteer opportunity. Whether you like to walk, bike, or have a car to get around, fruit scouts are an important part to making sure that healthy fruit gets harvested. Fruit Scouts receive training in early summer to learn basic fruit tree care and maintenance. They are also responsible for taste testing the fruit to make sure it’s ready for eating!

Harvest Leader Position
​Application period: Spring ​

Harvest Leaders are the point person leading volunteers on urban fruit harvests and organizing logistics like food bank drop off and record keeping. Since all volunteers get to take home a portion of the harvest, Harvest Leaders have access to fresh fruit all season long. This is the perfect opportunity for people who like to preserve food and who want to give back to the community. Becoming a Harvest Leader is a way to meet new friends and gain experience leading small groups. All Harvest Leaders receive training from Harvest Pierce County staff in early summer.

Fruit Scouts and Harvest Leaders must participate in a staff-led training in order to participate in the Gleaning Project and receive a small stipend for their commitment to the season (June-October). For more information about how to apply for these positions click here.

  1. Resources for Food Banks

    Tools and resources for food banks interested in working with Pierce County Gleaning Program and receiving fresh fruit and vegetables from urban fruit trees and farms

  2. Gleaning Volunteer

    Resources and information for interested and participating gleaning volunteers

  3. Resources for Gardeners

    Resources for gardeners looking to involve themselves in their food system through donating produce to neighbors in need