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  1. September 12 - September 23

    Pierce Conservation District at the State Fair Want to chat? Come and visit us at the the fair and learn about what we're up to this fall!
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  2. September 22

    Ft. Steilacoom Park Work Party Our park is a wonderful place. Volunteers are working each month to make it even better! Can you join us?
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  3. September 22

    Fruit Tree Education Series: Espalier Learn about espalier, a term for a fruit whose branches are trained to grow flat against a wall, supported on a lattice, or a framework of stakes.
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  1. September 26

    Know What’s Under Your Hooves: How to be a better manager of your pastures and livestock from the ground up This workshop will focus on managing your soils for better forage production and animal health. Learn how to find out what soil types are on your property to inform grazing and fertilizer timing, grass species selection, and more. Learn how and when to take a soil test as well as interpret the results. Retired Natural Resources Conservation Services Soil Scientist Chuck Natsuhara will be on hand to help give you tools to better understand the ground beneath your feet. Local Farmer, Larry Bailey,...
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  2. September 26

    Renewable Energy on Your Farm or Small Business - Key Peninsula Are you interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy programs to help save your business money, or reduce your environmental impact, but have been turned off by the starting costs? There are opportunities for grant writing assistance, utility incentives, tax subsidies, and financing support available to help farmers and rural small businesses purchase new energy-efficient equipment or install small-scale renewable energy systems. The Washington Conservation Commission and Spark Northwest...
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  3. September 29

    Horse Farm Tour and Manure Spreader Demonstration Get inspired to get your farm ready for winter by visiting this 5-acre, well-managed horse farm. In the four years since David and Elizabeth have owned the property, they have built a paddock adjacent to the barn in which to keep their two horses in the winter and during droughty times in the summer to ensure that their pastures stay healthy and productive. They installed 5/8 minus gravel footing material in the paddocks to prevent mud. They have divided the pastures into several smaller areas ...
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