Farm and Property Visits

The district offers free, non-regulatory and no-obligation visits (what we often refer to as walk and talks) to livestock and crop farms to give landowners ideas on how to improve their farm or property, and also how to reduce the possibility that their property is negatively impacting the health of local streams,  wetlands, and ultimately Puget Sound.  

Livestock, Pasture and Hayfield Management

  • Rotational grazing and soil fertility
  • Manure management and composting
  • Water and runoff management
  • Mud prevention

Crop Production

  • Cover crops and soil fertility
  • Pollinator and beneficial insect habitat
  • Sustainable growing practices
  • Water resource management and irrigation efficiency

Natural Resource Management and Regulatory Guidance

  • Fish and wildlife habitat restoration
  • Implementing conservation easements
  • Navigating code and regulations