Technical Assistance Site Visits

The district offers free, non-regulatory and no-obligation visits to livestock farms (what we often refer to as walk and talks) to give landowners ideas on how to improve productivity on their farms, while also protecting water quality.  Areas of focus include:

Livestock, Pasture and Hayfield Management

  • Rotational grazing and soil fertility
  • Manure management and composting
  • Water and runoff management
  • Mud prevention

Crop Production

  • Cover crops and soil fertility
  • Pollinator and beneficial insect habitat
  • Sustainable growing practices
  • Water resource management and irrigation efficiency

Natural Resource Management and Regulatory Guidance

  • Fish and wildlife habitat restoration
  • Implementing conservation easements
  • Navigating code and regulations

Shoreline Property Technical Assistance

Growing salmon need small creek deltas and small creek mouths for rearing, but after years of development, many historic creeks have vanished or been directed to drainage pipes. Docks and bulkheads along the shoreline can also limit habitat. The Pierce Conservation District is in the process of developing a shoreline de-armoring education and outreach program in which we will host public and homeowner information workshops. In addition, we now provide shoreline property technical assistance site visits. If you would like to obtain more information on de-armoring your shoreline or schedule a site visit, please contact Rene' Skaggs.