Farm Improvement Cost Share

We make cost share assistance available to landowners in designated Pierce County sub watersheds to implement best practices such as these on farms. This is not a comprehensive list. Cost share is allocated on an application basis through a competitive process and is distributed four times a year in March, May, July, and September.

  • Cross-fencing for rotational grazing 
  • Manure and composting infrastructure 
  • Livestock heavy use area protection at .5 square feet per 100 pounds
  • Pasture renovation 
  • Cover crop seed purchase
  • Native and beneficial insect pollinator plantings 
  • Riparian buffer plantings
  • Fencing to exclude livestock from waterways
  • Irrigation efficiency 
  • Roof water management

Funding is provided through various sources such as: the district's rates and charges system, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, WA State Department of Health, WA State Department of Ecology, and WA State Department of Fish and Wildlife. Funding is provided on a reimbursement basis, and practices must meet USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service specifications. A district engineer provides design assistance when necessary. All practices must meet Pierce County Code requirements and all applicable permits must be obtained by the landowner prior to starting all projects. The district may be able to provide some permit guidance and assistance.