Stream Team

Pierce Conservation District has coordinated a volunteer stream monitoring program in all four watersheds in Pierce County since 1994. Since that time, PCD has engaged over 1,000 citizens in this program and currently more than 50 volunteers are involved in this effort. 

Stream Monitor Program Goals:

  • Educate citizens about stream ecology, stream health and nonpoint source pollution
  • Involve citizens in observing, monitoring & reporting stream conditions
  • Provide useful data/information to local jurisdictions 

What do our stream monitors do?

  • Measure dissolved oxygen, water temperature, pH, nitrate-nitrogen and turbidity
  • Measure stream flow 
  • Conduct an annual habitat assessment 

New Stream Team Focus

  • Creation of jurisdictional reports that highlight water quality data 
  • Prioritized sites within jurisdictions
  • Gathered information about streams and watersheds within jurisdictions
  • Changed site numbers to reflect river miles
We offer training and use of monitoring equipment to anyone interested in learning more about Pierce County streams and/or becoming a citizen scientist. To learn more about training opportunities contact Belinda.    

fish in a blue stream. They are surrounded by an oval and text around them reads Pierce Conservation
Stream Team Reports: Annual water quality reports of prioritized sites in jurisdictions for the past water year (October 1 - September 30)

2019 Stream Team Reports

2018 Stream Team Reports

2017 Stream Team Reports

map of blue highlighted sites - active sites