Storm Drain Curb Marking

Have you noticed the curb markings next to storm drains? Ever wondered how they got there? The Pierce Conservation District coordinates the curb markings and you have the opportunity to get involved!

When storm water runs off impervious surfaces like streets, pollutants and trash run off with it into drains. This pollution flows directly into our watersheds and can harm aquatic life.

We would love to have your help in making sure our waters stay clean and healthy for all to use. Storm drain marking are done during the summer when it will be dry for 24 hours before and after drains are marked.

Wapato Curb Marking

If you are interested in volunteering for storm drain markings, please RSVP or contact:

Register To Volunteer Here.
Melissa Buckingham
Water Quality Program Director 
253-845-9770 ex. 109