Farm Forum Speakers

This Year's Speakers Are:

Challenges on the Horizon Panel: This panel will discuss the Hirst water well State Supreme Court decision , an update on the Agricultural Resource Land (ARL) zoning designation changes coming in 2017, changes in the FDA’s Food Safety and Modernization Act rules, and finding farm labor.

Roger L. Beekman                                     
Daniel Valdez
Brad Harp                                          

Dan Cardwell

Tools to Keep the Farm in Farming Panel: 

This panel will discuss lending opportunities, conservation easements, estate planning, and USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service programs.
Spencer Easton

Amy Hendershot

Ricky Adams

Doug St. John

Drainage and Drainage Districts Panel:

 This panel will include a panel of commissioners from various drainage districts discussing their goals, challenges, and lessons learned, and a King County perspective given by the coordinator of the King Conservation District's Agricultural Drainage Program.

Michael Neville
Rich Coleman
Wayne Wells
Doug Skelly

Ben Axt

New Technology and Innovation Panel:

This panel will include techie tools, on-line tools, and a farm to table case study.

​Venise Cunningham 

Ben Degoede

Andrew Constant

Ben Herreld