Manure Share Program


In order to prevent the contamination of local waterways and groundwater, the Pierce Conservation District maintains a contact list of local livestock farms that have more manure than they can utilize on their properties. This list is available to gardeners and crop farmers seeking a natural source of nutrients that also provides important organic matter and micronutrients not found in conventional commercial fertilizers. 

​Those seeking manure can contact the livestock owners directly to arrange pick-up or delivery (if available) of the material. Livestock owners are encouraged to compost their manure to make it a more use-able product. But if not, a guide on composting manure is available on our resource page under the Manure Management heading.  

In order to be certain that you are applying the correct amount of manure nutrients, we recommend that you have your soil and manure tested prior to application.
Click Here to find a list of livestock owners who have excess manure!

Introduction to Pierce CD's Manure Share Program