Looking for an innovative way to boost soil health and fertility on your farm? Cover cropping is for you! Cover crops are used to build soil fertility and organic matter, keep soil in place, and manage compaction, field moisture, weeds, pests and diseases.

Cover Crop Cost Share Program

PCD is offering 75% cost share, up to $150/acre, for cover crop seedings in 2021! Eligible expenses include seed, inoculant, fertilizer, labor and equipment rental for establishing cover crops. Steps to access this program are:

1. Request a site visit
2. Work together with our Crop Farm Specialist, Alison Nichols, to develop a cover cropping plan that fits your production goals and site conditions.
3. Seed your cover crop based on the recommendations outlined by our Crop Farm Specialist to receive your cost share reimbursement upon completion.
4. Share what you learn and help us to better assist our farming community! Complete a short evaluation form after you terminate your cover crop planting to capture successes and lessons learned. 

No-Till Seed Drill and Flail Mower Rentals Available

Make seeding cover crops a cinch by utilizing our pull-type no-till seed drill. At a 6 ft working width with optional capacities for native grass and small seeds, the drill is ideal for any cover crop or pasture renovation application if you have a minimum 40 HP tractor with rear remote hydraulics to run it. We also have a flail mower available as an option for terminating cover crops and leaving residue evenly chopped and distributed.

Contact our farm team for technical assistance with cover cropping or to learn more about our Cover Crop Cost Share Program.

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