Edible Gardens Workshop Series

Explore the basics of successful vegetable gardening in the Pacific Northwest—from seed to table. Classes are taught by educators from Harvest Pierce County (a program of the Pierce Conservation District) and Pierce County Planning and Public Works. 

All classes are FREE. Be sure to register to reserve your spot!

Location and Class Times

City Location Address Time
Sumner (SUM) Sumner Library 1116 Fryar Ave 6pm-8pm
Parkland (PAR) Parkland Library 13718 Pacific Ave S 6pm-8pm
Graham (GRA) Graham Library 9202 224th St E 6pm-8pm
Tacoma (TAC) Metro Parks Tacoma 4702 S 19th St 10am-12pm
Streaming* TBD TBD TBD

Garden Planning & Seed Starting

Start your vegetables from seed! Save money, impress your friends and grow plants you won’t find at the nursery.

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February 13ThursdayPAR
March 18WednesdayGRA
March 21SaturdayTAC
May 5TuesdaySUM

Fruit Trees in the Pacific Northwest

Learn about perennial food production with tips for planting and maintaining fruit and nut trees and shrubs.

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February 19
March 12ThursdayPAR
May 16SaturdayTAC
October 6TuesdaySUM

Garden Soil 101

Prepare your garden soil for planting vegetables with a variety of soil amendments available in Pierce County.

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March 4WednesdaySUM
March 10WednesdayGRA
April 18SaturdayTAC
June 11ThursdayParkland

Your Summer Garden: Planting, Watering Weeding

Learn what grows well in the Pacific Northwest, how to water, tips for weeding and more.

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April 15WednesdayGRA
May 14ThursdayPAR
June 20SaturdayTAC
July 7TuesdaySUM

Bugs, Diseases, & Non-Toxic Alternatives

Tackle problems in the garden with safe remedies, specific for gardening in western Washington.

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April 21WednesdaySUM
June 17WednesdayGRA
July 9ThursdayPAR
September 19SaturdayTAC

Composting Basics and Putting your Garden to Bed

Plant now to harvest fresh food this fall and winter! Learn when to plant and how to care for plants over the winter.

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September 1TuesdaySUM
September 16WednesdayGRA
October 8ThursdayPAR
October 17SaturdayTAC

Fall & Winter Gardening

Learn how to use your garden’s organic waste to improve your soil, and prepare your garden for winter.

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June 2TuesdaySUM
July 15WednesdayGRA
July 18SaturdayTAC
September 10ThursdayPAR

Container Gardening

Just a balcony to work with? No problem! Learn how to grow food in containers of all sizes.

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February 15SaturdayTAC
April 7TuesdaySUM
April 9ThursdayPAR
May 20WednesdayGRA