Shore Friendly Pierce

As a waterfront landowner, you are deeply connected to Puget Sound. You are also deeply invested in your property.

Shore Friendly Pierce assists qualifying marine shoreline landowners in keeping their shoreline natural and unarmored, or voluntarily removing all or part of their old bulkhead. 

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We provide: 

- Free informational site visits for qualifying properties,

- Guidance on understanding shoreline and bluff erosion or coastal flooding, 

- Mini-grants to support shoreline stewardship, including native plantings, drainage improvements, and qualified bulkhead removal projects.


Request a Free Site Visit

Qualifying properties can receive a free site visit to assess conditions and receive recommendations.

Complete our Site Visit Request Form to request a visit today!

Shoreline assessment

Request a Private Workshop/Beach Walk for Yourself and Your Neighbors

During this time when large gatherings are prohibited, we are unable to offer our normal community workshops. 

But if you gather a group of neighbors on the shoreline, we can provide a private workshop/beach walk. 

Contact our Shorelines Program Manager to request a neighborhood workshop/beach walk today!

Contact Us

  1. Mary Krauszer

    Shorelines Program Manager
    Phone: (253) 358-0088 

seek expert advice

Contact our Shorelines Program Manager

Do you have a question about your shoreline, erosion, coastal flooding, or making a development decision? 

Pierce Conservation District can help direct you to resources for Puget Sound Shorelines and help you make informed decisions for your property.

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Learn about our Shore Friendly Mini-Grants

Current application period: Closed 

Contact the Shorelines Program Manager for information about upcoming grant rounds. 

$500-$1500 Mini-Grants available for:

  • Shoreline native plantings
  • Invasive weed removal and lawn conversion
  • Drainage improvement
  • Bulkhead/armor removal
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Video created by Shore Friendly Kitsap with Transect Films.

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