Puyallup Watershed Salmon Homecoming

Join us as we celebrate and learn about the salmon that spawn in the Puyallup watershed! The 2021 Salmon Homecoming Celebration will be held virtually during the month of October. This annual event is typically held at the historic Puyallup hatchery.

Visit www.facebook.com/puyallupsalmon as videos, activities and resources get posted during the month of October!

Masked fish picture

Mud Mountain Dam Video Tour

Take a Virtual Tour of the new Mud Mountain Dam Fish Passage Facility!    If you have a few more minutes, watch the following video of the previous facility.  The facility provides fish passage via trap and haul over the Mud Mountain Dam, which provides flood protection for many communities downstream.  The dam was built prior to fish passage requirements.  This new operation provides greatly improved fish passage capacity, allowing adult fish to reach spawning grounds in the Upper White River Watershed.

South Prairie Creek Restoration Profile

Wild Steelhead Coalition wrote up a piece on PCD's South Prairie Creek restoration project, which also includes a cool video story on the project.

Hatchery Foundation Tour of Clarks Creek

It's salmon viewing time in Clarks Creek! PHHF President Richard Johnson takes us on a little tour about what you can see at the creek.

iNaturalist Salmon Scavenger Hunt

Use the iNaturalist app as you visit creeks around the watershed to view salmon. The map will show pictures and species information from other nature explorers, creating a community resource for those who want to see salmon in the wild.

Agents of Discovery Salmon Mission

Discover new and exciting facts about salmon and other creatures at Swan Creek this Fall while playing an Agents of Discovery Mission.

Orca Recovery Day

Our Southern Resident Killer Whales depend on a healthy salmon population for the survival of their pods. Join organizations throughout the state as we rally for Orca Recovery Day, where you can take action in your community to improve local habitats and reduce impacts on salmon and orcas. 

The People's ECO Challenge

We invite you to join the Salmon Homecoming team on the People's Ecochallenge this month! Learn and take action to protect salmon and the Salish Sea.

Where to See Salmon

Check out this guide for places in Pierce County to view spawning salmon, and which types you'll find in our area.

Coho Pre-Spawn Mortality Study with UW-Tacoma

What is pre-spawn mortality and why is it a serious concern? Learn about a collaborative project where UW Tacoma and local middle school students team up to study pre-spawn mortality in Swan Creek.

Dream Stream

Learn about the important parts of salmon habitat and turn that into some artwork of your own in this activity.

Salmon Homecoming Story Map

Learn about salmon returning to spawn in the Puyallup watershed, what you can do at home to help salmon survive, and many ways to volunteer!

Port of Tacoma Story Map

Check out this award-winning story map from the Port of Tacoma. Explore the story map and learn how the Port of Tacoma creates and maintains habitat to support fish and wildlife in the Tacoma Tideflats.

WSU Eyes on the Watershed

The WSU Eyes on the Watershed story map lets you explore and engage with the Puyallup-White River watershed.

Hatchery Video Tour

The Puyallup hatchery may still be closed, but you can go on a virtual tour of the new hatchery and facilities today. We can't wait to celebrate the opening of the hatchery in person with you all!

Macroinvertebrates 101

What are macroinvertebrates, and what do they have to do with salmon? Find out in this short video from Pierce Conservation District, and use this coloring page for more macro fun!