Puyallup Watershed Salmon Homecoming

Join us as we celebrate and learn about the salmon that spawn in the Puyallup watershed! The 2020 Salmon Homecoming Celebration will be held virtually during the month of October. This annual event is typically held at the historic Puyallup hatchery.

Visit www.facebook.com/puyallupsalmon as videos, activities and resources get posted during the month of October!

Masked fish picture

Coho Pre-Spawn Mortality Study with UW-Tacoma

What is pre-spawn mortality and why is it a serious concern? Learn about a collaborative project where UW Tacoma and local middle school students team up to study pre-spawn mortality in Swan Creek.

Dream Stream

Learn about the important parts of salmon habitat and turn that into some artwork of your own in this activity.

Salmon Homecoming Story Map

Learn about salmon returning to spawn in the Puyallup watershed, what you can do at home to help salmon survive, and many ways to volunteer!

Port of Tacoma Story Map

Check out this award-winning story map from the Port of Tacoma. Explore the story map and learn how the Port of Tacoma creates and maintains habitat to support fish and wildlife in the Tacoma Tideflats.

WSU Eyes on the Watershed

The WSU Eyes on the Watershed story map lets you explore and engage with the Puyallup-White River watershed.

Clarks Creek Hatchery Livestream

The Puyallup Historical Hatchery Foundation streamed a live video from Clarks Creek during salmon spawning season.

Agents of Discovery - Swan Creek Park

Perfect for families looking to spend time outdoors, Agents of Discovery is a free, educational app to get youth active, engaged and learning about the world around them. Challenges (or questions) are geo-triggered as participants walk the trail. The game is free to download and once downloaded does not require any data or WiFi to play. Download Agents of Discovery at Google Play or the App Store.

Hatchery Video Tour

The Puyallup hatchery is currently closed due to construction, but you can go on a virtual tour of the new hatchery and facilities today. We look forward to a grand opening celebration in 2021!

Macroinvertebrates 101

What are macroinvertebrates, and what do they have to do with salmon? Find out in this short video from Pierce Conservation District, and use this coloring page for more macro fun!