Rural Climate Dialogues


The Pierce County Rural Climate Dialogue brought together a microcosm of the county for a five-day deliberative event modeled on the Citizens’ Jury method of deliberative democracy. Participants were tasked with creating a shared, community-based response to climate change and extreme weather events in response to their charge:

“How might our community, in the face of extreme weather and climate change, secure a healthy, resilient, and economically vibrant future?"

The outcomes and findings of the Climate Dialogue will inform the Pierce Conservation District’s Climate Resiliency 2021-2025 Strategic Goals and Targets and be used to shape the commissioning partners’ ongoing conservation work. The outcomes will also be shared with decision-makers to inform future planning and decision-making related to climate change and extreme weather among Pierce County government agencies and elected bodies. The outcomes may also be used to initiate a series of community pilot projects funded through a grant received by the Pierce Conservation District. The Pierce County Dialogue was commissioned by the Pierce Conservation District and the Puyallup Watershed Initiative. The commissioning bodies partnered with the Center for New Democratic Processes to design and implement the deliberative event.

Project Partners

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