Green Stormwater Mini-Grants

Bring Home Some Green!

Pierce Conservation District (PCD) offers Green Stormwater Mini‐Grants annually to individuals, businesses, and community groups in the Commencement Bay, Chambers Creek, and Lower Puyallup River Watersheds for projects that reduce polluted stormwater runoff entering our local waterbodies. 

The application period for our 2024 grants is now closed. Please check back in August 2024 for more information on how to apply for 2025 Mini Grant projects. 

Stormwater Solutions

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When rainwater falls on impervious surfaces (buildings, roads, and lawns), it doesn’t get absorbed by plants and cleaned in the soil. Instead, it flows over these surfaces and picks up pollution along the way, creating a toxic soup that goes untreated into local creeks and streams, eventually reaching Puget Sound and the Salish Sea. Scientists estimate that 75% of pollutants in the Salish Sea come from stormwater runoff.

Because stormwater runoff comes from all of our neighborhoods and communities, individual actions can add up to make a big difference in improving our water quality, protecting public health, and recovering endangered wildlife. With a Green Stormwater Mini-Grant, you'll get both technical and financial support to create a project that captures and absorbs stormwater runoff. Grant recipients can receive up to $4,000 to plant rain gardens, remove excessive pavement, create urban habitat, and/or collect rainwater in large tanks. 

How it Works

1. Schedule a Free Site Visit. This is a great chance to highlight any ideas or challenges you have with your property. PCD staff can help identify the best green stormwater project for your site to meet your goals. Click here to request your site visit today!

2. Choose your Project(s). After the visit, decide if you plan to plant a rain garden, create urban wildlife habitat, depave, and/or install a rain tank. 

3. Apply for the Mini‐Grant. Fill out our online application and submit your project scope, a budget estimate, some before photos, and any other supplemental materials.

4. Receive a Notice of Award. If your project is selected for grant funding, you will receive a Notice of Award and Financial Assistance Contract from Pierce Conservation District.

5. Design Your Project. Once on contract, PCD will work with you to select plants and fully design your project. 

6. Install Your Project. Whether you're working with PCD, a contractor you hired, or doing it yourself, you'll be ready to execute the project design and install your green stormwater project!

7. Enjoy! Take care of your new garden, green space, or rain tank so you can continue playing an important role in protecting the Salish Sea from pollution. PCD staff are always available for any maintenance questions and support along the way.


  1. Who's Eligible?
  2. What Projects Qualify?
  3. How Does the Cost Share Work?
  4. How Will Projects Be Scored?
  5. What Happens After I Apply?

Individuals, businesses, and organizations are eligible for a Green Stormwater Mini-Grant to support an approved project within one of our three priority watershed. The maximum grant award for any one property is $4,000. You do not need to own the property where the project will be, but the property owner must provide written permission for the project and commit to a long-term maintenance plan for the project.

Green Stormwater Mini-grants are available for projects within one of three priority watersheds: the Chambers Creek, Commencement Bay, and Lower Puyallup River (see map below). These watersheds were identified as the most in-need of green stormwater infrastructure in Pierce County due to their high percentage of impervious surfaces. 

Projects outside of these watersheds are discouraged from applying, but an occasional project outside these watersheds may receive grant funding. These projects will be reviewed and approved by staff on a case-by-case basis.GSI Program Boundaries_With Logo

Additional Information and Requirements:

  • Permitting. With the exception of Depave projects within Tacoma city limits, if permits are required for the project, the grantee is responsible for obtaining and/or purchasing them before beginning project work. A copy of the permit will be required before reimbursement. Permits for Depave projects in Tacoma will be obtained and paid for via an agreement between the City and PCD.
  • Agreements. Participants of this program will be required to sign (1) a Cooperator Agreement with PCD, (2) a Financial Assistance Contract (upon grant award) that demonstrates a commitment to maintain the project for its life, (3) a Reimbursement Form upon completion of the project (if applicable).
  • Grant Timeframe. Projects must be completed, and all receipts submitted to PCD within the timeframe designated in the “Notice of Award” acceptance letter. Any work completed prior to the “Notice of Award” will not be reimbursable. If a grant is awarded and no evidence of progress has been made within a 3 month period, PCD reserves the right to withdraw the grant.
  • Use of Grant Funds. Grant funds are for implementation only (not intended for private design costs). Machinery rental may be reimbursed if it is necessary for implementing the Green Stormwater project. Direct contractor costs for implementation must be included in total project cost for reimbursement.
  • Maintenance. Property owners are expected to maintain the project for at least the “lifespan” of the practice, which is typically a minimum of 10 years. If the property is sold in this time, the property owner must notify PCD of the change in ownership and if the new landowner will continue maintaining the project.