Do I need to protect my shoreline from erosion?

The answer to this question depends on your specific site conditions and should involve a site assessment by a shoreline specialist.  If your home is not directly at risk, then it is very likely that the answer will be "no" - there will be little reason to invest in expensive shoreline interventions such as a bulkhead.  In fact, it will be difficult to get new shoreline armor permitted if it does not directly protect a primary structure such as a home.  Ideally, your shoreline exhibits the typical slow, natural erosion process that supports coastal habitat and functions in Puget Sound.  Whatever the outcome of your shoreline assessment, you will want to make certain that you are not contributing to (or accelerating) erosion problems inadvertently.  Your property management decisions can cause unintended problems with drainage or slope instability.  Understanding how best to manage water and vegetation on your shoreline will limit erosion on your waterfront.

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