How should I manage trees for views (and plants in general) on my shoreline?

As a basic rule, you benefit the most by keeping as much native vegetation (trees, shrubs and groundcovers) as possible on your waterfront (and on your property as a whole).  Layers of vegetation provide significant water management and slope stabilization services.  Instead of clearing your property and putting in a large lawn to the water's edge, limit the extent of clearing to the area that you will actually use.  Hire tree care professionals such as certified arborists to prune your trees for views, and plant additional native trees and shrubs in the unused areas of your property to improve water management and slope stability around you home.

Try the International Society of Arborists, Pacific Northwest Chapter, for certified tree care professionals.

Try the Washington Native Plant Society for year round local sources for Pacific Northwest native plants.

Once each year in winter, check for the Bare Root Native Plant sale here at Mason Conservation District.

Read through our Shore Friendly resources for a basic grounding in marine waterfront plant species and landscape management.

Don't hesitate to contact staff here at Pierce Conservation District for plant species suggestions, planting plans, and resources to increase the diversity and amount of native vegetation on your waterfront property.  We can help you choose the right species to meet your landscaping aesthetics while also benefiting Puget Sound habitat and property management goals.

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