What is included in my Conservation Plan?
Your Conservation Plan will be developed based on the inventory. The Conservation Plan will recommend changes to reduce the impact your farm has on water quality or other natural resources. It will discuss ways you also can increase productivity. Some recommendations in your plan could include pasture renovation, installation of gutters and downspouts on barns, stream fencing, the planting of native tree species along streams, creating sacrifice areas for livestock in the winter, cross fencing pastures and manure management.

After the Conservation Plan is developed, the PCD Resource Technician or the Conservationist from NRCS will review the plan and recommendations with you. You then decide when to implement the best management practices. The landowner may choose to schedule the implementation of all recommendations in one year, or spread the work out over several years. A record of decisions and an application schedule is developed based on the landowner's decisions. The plan is then finalized and the landowner is given a copy. As the goals or needs of the landowner change, revisions to the plan can be made to meet those needs by contacting the Pierce Conservation District. When you begin to implement your Conservation Plan, we can provide you with further technical assistance as the need arises.

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