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Renewable Energy Development Assistance Request Form

  1. Contact Information
  2. Enter a valid email address.
  3. Eligibility Questions
    Answers to these questions don't necessarily rule out eligibility, but will help us determine eligibility for other grant programs.
  4. What businesses are located on the property?
  5. If the applicant is a farm, does the farm business provide over 50% of annual gross household income (gross farm receipts/total gross household income)?
    Note: this does not necessarily exclude you from eligibility.
  6. Is there existing infrastructure on the property or is it new construction?
    Check one
  7. Is there a residence located on the property?
  8. If so, is the residence on its own electric utility meter?
  9. Technology Questions
  10. Tell us in which clean energy technologies you are interested: (Check All That Apply)
  11. Is propane or other fuels used on the property?
  12. Have any project bids been received?
  13. Financial Questions
    These questions don’t influence eligibility, but may impact the economic viability of a project.
  14. Does the applicant pay federal taxes?
  15. Does the applicant intend to pay for the project with cash or a loan?
  16. Please let us know if you have any specific questions or concerns you would like us to address.
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