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Green Partnership Fund Phase Report #2 - 2019

  1. Enter a valid email address.
  2. Please provide a descriptive name of your project
  3. In 2,000 characters or less, explain how the project has moved forward in meeting the measurable outcomes from your Full Proposal and/or Phase 1 bullet points from your contract. (Character limit includes spaces)
  4. In 1,000 characters or less, please explain why your project is behind schedule and how you plan to meet the measurable outcomes as detailed in your project contract.
  5. In bullet form, please list measurable outcomes from this phase, i.e. # of plants installed, # of volunteers engaged, design completed, # of outreach events, area of invasive species controlled, etc. (Should align with bullet points from Phase descriptions in your contract)
  6. Fill in and upload the excel Project Phase Report Budget form (provided in Contract Packet)
  7. Scan your receipts and attach as .pdf
  8. Include 3 - 5 photos with each Phase Report. When possible, photos with volunteers or program participants are preferable as we will use high quality photos to promote your work on our social media page and in our publications.
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