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Branch Leader Application

  1. Position Description
    This person will work closely with the Harvest Pierce County team. They are responsible for leading urban fruit harvests and scouting fruit trees to assure the fruit is ripe for the picking. In addition, Branch Leaders are responsible for assuring the produce gets dropped off to local food banks and recording the harvest data. Since all volunteers get to take home a portion of the harvest, Branch Leaders have access to fresh fruit all season long. Also Branch Leaders are provided extensive educational opportunities (through free access to the Fruit Tree Education series), including grafting and propagating the best cultivars of Pierce County! This is the perfect opportunity for people who like to preserve food and who want to give back to the community. We ask that Branch Leaders commit an average of 8 hours per week to gleaning, though actual time per week varies with the season with August and September being the busiest time. Branch Leaders are provided up to a $200 stipend for the season and mileage reimbursement. Applications will be reviewed by staff as they are received and applicants will be notified that they are being considered for the position. To be considered, applications must be submitted by July 1
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  4. Are you able to comfortably lift and carry 50 pounds? *
  5. Are you comfortable on a ladder?*
  6. Do you have access to a vehicle that can transport an 8ft ladder and picking equipment (picking poles, bins, harvest bags, etc.)*
  7. Do you or people close to you experience food insecurity?
  8. Can you commit to the entire season? (July through October)
  9. Can you commit to half the season?
  10. Can you commit 8 hours per week to this program?*
  11. There are two mandatory trainings, one at our office and one online, both scheduled around your availability. Can you commit to completing both of these?
  12. Our Branch Leaders need to be able to use our gleaning website to schedule and track gleans. Do you have regular access to a computer with internet access?
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