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Farm Foundations 2019

  1. Information and Instructions

    Farm Foundations Training runs from late February through October 2019. In the spring the format is a two hour evening class once a week plus a three hour field day. The days for field work will be determined after the priority application date based on the availability of applicants. Evening classes end in early May and our field days will increase in length to five hours. In October we will revert back to the original schedule of two hour evening classes and three hour field days. Priority application period will be from October 1st - November 16th. Applications received after this time will be reviewed and accepted based on space available in program. Applicants will receive offers of acceptance into the program beginning after November 16th. Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible! If we have any questions staff might reach out about your application to better help us make decisions. Those who come from communities historically underrepresented in or marginalized by agriculture will be given preference for acceptance. Those able to commit for the full season will also be given priority placement.

  2. Are you able to lift and carry 40 pounds?*

  3. Are you able to kneel and/or squat for prolonged periods of time?*

  4. Do you or people close to you experience food insecurity?

    Food insecurity meaning lack of consist access to affordable and nutritious food.

  5. Can you commit five hours a week to this program?*

    Participants are asked to do their best to keep absences to five throughout the season.

  6. Our two hour evening class that runs February - May and then again in October will be on Wednesday nights from 6 - 8. Our field work days will be chosen by what days work for the most applicants. Please indicate all days that you would be available for field work.*

    If you work in a school district and would be available to work weekends during the school year and weekdays during the summer, please select what weekday would work for you during the summer and indicate your need for a weekend work day in the next section.

  7. Examples could include access to transportation, childcare, language differences, etc.

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