Green Partnership Fund

The Green Partnership Fund is paused for the 2023 round.

The Green Partnership Fund was established in 2004 to further the goals of natural resource and sustainable agriculture conservation for the citizens of the District’s partner jurisdictions. Today, the fund is helping the District achieve our long-term vision of engaging everyone in Pierce County in creating a healthy environment and thriving community. The heart of the District’s mission is our collaborative efforts with organizational partners, voluntary local landowners, and citizen volunteers to improve water quality, promote sustainable agriculture, create thriving habitat, and build an equitable and healthy food system for all. The fund is one of the many ways we work collaboratively to achieve our goals.

Volunteers helped the Nisqually Land Trust pull invasive weeds and plant native trees and shrubs along Ohop Creek, an important salmon stream, as part of 2018 funded project.

Lackamas Flats - Tree tube removal

In 2020, the District completed our 5-year Strategic Plan, which provides a comprehensive road map for how we intend to reach our goals by 2021. This plan has dozens of strategies to grow and improve our work across our five core program areas: Water Quality Improvement, Farm Assistance, Habitat Improvement, Urban Agriculture, Climate Resiliency, and Environmental Education. Each of these core components have strategies and 5-year targets. Project proposals to the Green Partnership Fund should align with at least one of these strategies and/or targets. If a project proposal does not align with our strategies and/or targets, project sponsors can select the “Other” category. “Other” category projects must still align with the District’s mission statement and will need to make a compelling case for how the project: a) provides significant ecosystem and/or community benefit; and b) supports Pierce Conservation District’s mission by filling a service gap not identified in our Strategic Plan.  We encourage you to review our 2021 - 2025 Strategic Plan at as you develop your project proposal.

The Green Partnership Fund strives to fund high-quality projects within each of four watersheds in Pierce County align with our organizational goals, mission, values, and long-term vision for our community. To ensure organizational goals are met, at least one project in each of the five core program areas listed above will be awarded funding.

The Student Stewards project of Citizens for a Healthy Bay was funded in 2018 and so far has reached over 1,200 students with hands-on environmental education and habitat restoration activities.

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Available Funding:

For the 2022 grant round, approximately $75,000 of total funding will be available in two funding pools:

  • One (1) large project will be funded at up to $25,000
  • Five to Ten (5-10) small scale projects between $5,000 - $10,000

Proposals must be for a minimum of $5,000. Large project proposals should make clear whether project sponsors are willing to accept partial funding, and how partial funding would be used, if they also want to be eligible for the small-scale projects pool of funding.

For all projects, we strongly encourage partnering with other organizations or groups. This may be particularly important for small groups or organizations who may struggle to achieve the $5,000 minimum ask requirement.