Field Trips & Classroom Lessons

Pierce Conservation District partners with schools to offer in-class lessons and field experiences related to natural resources. We are always excited to engage kids in learning about their environment through activities such as viewing aquatic life through a microscope, testing the quality of their local stream, reenacting the journey of a salmon, and many others. Involving students in outdoor experiences is a key part of environmental education. The lessons they learn today will help them protect our region's natural resources for years to come.

Where We Work

This map shows our 2019-20 school year programs throughout Pierce County.  We engaged 1,558 students and compiled 2,659 contact hours during the school year.

Program topics include:

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PCD is actively working to incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards as part of our programming. Our programs are available to K-12 classrooms with an emphasis on upper elementary grades.

For more information about our Environmental Education program please contact:

Chris Towe
Environmental Education Program Manager
(253) 845-9770 x 112