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There's already so much to love about gardening - but sharing the harvest with others is a joy unto itself. If you've gardened before, you've probably noticed that nature can be pretty abundant! Share the Harvest supports you to be able to share what you've grown with those in need. 

Growing and sharing local food in your neighborhood is an important way to build community resilience through food security. 

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Since 2012, community food projects in Pierce County have donated over 140,000 pounds of garden grown produce to neighbors in need

Food Banks Accepting Garden Produce

Some food banks are mainly set up to process in bulk, and aren't easily able to accommodate smaller donations from individual gardens. It's good practice to reach out to food banks before donating to make sure they're able to take smaller amounts of food. The following food banks have confirmed that they are able to take smaller garden grown donations. Keep checking back, because the list is growing as we confirm with more food banks!