Plant Starts for Share the Harvest Gardens

Plant starts are grown for community gardens or food projects who commit all or a portion of their garden to sharing produce with neighbors who need it the most. This could be through a neighborhood swap, donating to senior housing, donating to a community kitchen or food bank. Plant starts are grown by our staff at the Franklin Pierce Farm. 

Share the Harvest supports the efforts of community gardens, forests, and orchards to invest in solutions of hunger, food insecurity, and food injustices in their neighborhoods. Community food projects find creative ways to engage which are specific to their neighborhood’s needs. Some gardens donate to or grow on the property of a food bank location, some grow for community meal sites, some are part of low-income housing, others do neighborhood barters, and some grow for seniors and those who are physically unable to grow their own food. Participating food projects are eligible for plant starts, seeds, bins, and scales. In return, we ask that food projects keep track of how much produce they have given back to their community.  

Since 2012, community food projects in Pierce County have donated over 140,000 pounds of garden grown produce to neighbors in need