20-Year Long-Term Goals


By 2040, everyone in Pierce County has equitable access to environmental education and opportunities to rebalance our communities’ relationship with nature. They know how to positively affect change by effectively navigating and taking leadership in ecological, social, and civic systems.


By 2040, Pierce County has thriving ecosystems that support native habitat for healthy populations of salmon, orca and other wildlife, native plants, and pollinators. Advancing life-giving relationships between humans and nature is the greatest challenge of our time. Pierce Conservation District works toward this balance by sustaining functioning habitats, improving the quality of fresh and salt waters and improving conditions for healthy salmon runs, making Pierce County a better place to live, work and play.


By 2040, Pierce County’s farmers are part of a thriving and sustainable local agriculture community, both economically and ecologically. They are valued partners in protecting natural resources, providing healthy food to local communities, and maintaining market share for generations to come.


By 2040, everyone in Pierce County has equal access to healthy food and equitable decision-making power in strengthening our local food system. Practices include redirecting food waste, building pathways for community advocacy and promoting socially and environmentally sustainable food consumption.


By 2040, Pierce County communities are leading the way with increased confidence and self-determination in building resilience to the impacts of climate change. Pierce Conservation District employs the best available science and practices social equity to provide the information, resources and skills to mitigate climate change and support communities to achieve this goal.