Green Stormwater Resources

Are you ready to tackle stormwater runoff with a project of your own? Whether your planting a rain garden, harvesting rain water, removing pavement, or replacing lawn with habitat, the resources below can help you get started. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Melissa Buckingham, Water Quality Program Director,

Robb Krehbiel, Green Stormwater Program Manager,

Rain Gardens21

Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens: Plan, Prep, Plant, Maintain - In this EnviroHouse talk, PCD's Green Stormwater Program Manager, Robb Krehbiel, shows you how to install your own rain garden with the help of local resources. 

Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington Homeowners - An excellent overview and reference book for planning out your rain garden. It has an extensive and detailed plant list and example rain garden designs. 

Rain Garden Care Guide - Once your rain garden is planted, make sure you take care of it by following this maintenance guide.

Rain Barrels and Tanks

How To Build a Rain Barrel - In this EnviroHouse talk, Dan Borba shows you how to make your own rain barrel.

How To Install a Rain Barrel - After your rain barrel is assembled, watch this second video for installing it so you can start capturing the rain.


Depave Puget Sound  Resources - People across Western Washington are taking action to turn parking lots into paradise. If you want to transform a space from gray to green, explore the videos and documents on Depave Puget Sound's website with stories and suggestions from community members who have successfully Depaved a part of their neighborhood. 

Urban Trees and Wildlife Habitat

Pierce County Arborists - Do you have older trees that are starting to pose a hazard? If you're looking for help to keep trees living and healthy, call one of Pierce County's local arborists to receive professional help in caring for your trees. 

Native Plants of Pierce County - Replacing your grass with native plants is a great way to reduce stormwater runoff and provide habitat for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. 

Sheet Mulching - One of the fastest ways to kill off unwanted grass is sheet mulching. Save up on cardboard and start reimagining your yard!

Looking to grow some shade? Check out PCD's Urban Tree Sale, Grit City Trees, Tree Coupon program, and Tacoma Tree Foundation to find free and discounted trees.

Nurseries, Landscapers, and Grants

Local Nurseries, Landscapers, and Cistern Suppliers - Find local businesses to help you with your green stormwater project. These lists are not intended to be all-inclusive or recommended use lists. To have your company added to this list, please contact Robb Krehbiel, Green Stormwater Program Manager ( for more information.

Green Stormwater Mini-Grant - Get up to $4,000 and technical assistance for your project from the Pierce Conservation District. Eligible projects include: rain gardens, urban wildlife habitat, depave, and rain tanks.

Make A Splash Grant - Got an idea for a project that will help protect local waterways from stormwater pollution? Apply for a Make a Splash grant through the City of Tacoma’s Surface Water Management program, to be eligible to receive reimbursement of up to $4,000 for projects which prevent stormwater pollution or protect and restore our lakes, streams and Puget Sound.

Sustainability Small Grant - Reimbursable, maximum awards of up to $5,000 are available to eligible projects within Tacoma city limits that help protect and restore our environment. Projects that help educate residents and/or businesses on the environment and sustainable practices are encouraged to apply.

Watershed Council Small Grants - Get up to $2,500 for projects that help recover one of Pierce County's three watersheds: Chambers-Clover, Key Peninsula-Gig Harbor-Islands (KGI), and Puyallup-White.