Seed Library

This seed library was created as a means to promote food sovereignty, community sharing, and a resilient food system in Pierce County. 

This self-service seed library is located at The Farm at Franklin Pierce: 9516 Waller Rd E, Tacoma, WA 

To join the seed library you must first fill out the membership form below and agree to all terms and conditions.  You will be sent the code to the shed via the confirmation email. Once you're received the code you are free to visit the seed library as you please!   

Seed Library Membership Form:

How to use the Seed Library:

Taking from Seed library

  • You do not need to bring seeds to the library in order to use, but learning to save seed and returning them is encouraged. Be sure to watch out on our website for educational resources around saving your own seed.
  • You can take individualized packets from bins, but please do not take more than necessary. 
  • You will find some seeds in bulk containers which are available to take as well. There are coin envelopes, labels, and pens in the shed for you to use. Be sure to label the coin envelope and copy seed information from the bulk container. 

Returning Seed

  • If you’re dropping off individualized packets, make sure they’re labeled correctly and stick them in the correct bin.
  • If you’re dropping off in bulk, make sure your container is properly labeled and stick next to the correct bin. 
  • Properly labeled includes: Seed type, variety, date saved, and any additional notes you may have a about your seed