The Best Tool in Nature's Toolshed: Kinnikinnik


Actostaphylos uva-ursi


This little treasure is so amazing they named it twice.

 If you garden and hate pulling weeds, then kinnikinnik will surely be a valued ally. If you’re looking for something to plant in a steep, rocky area, Kinnikinnik will stabilize the soil and add natural beauty. 


This amazing native groundcover is a beautiful evergreen with dark green foliage that changes to burgundy in the fall. In the spring it blooms lovely pink and white flowers that turn into bright red berries in the summer. 

If you see this in the wild be careful. Uva ursi translates literally to “bear grape,” because bears have been known to seek out this tasty little snack. 

Bears eating berries

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This is a plant that you might  see in the supplements section of your grocery store, because the berries are commonly used for bladder and kidney conditions. 

Pro tip: if you have blueberries or huckleberries, plant kinnikinnick underneath for a maintenance-free naturescape!

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