Habitat Project Tool Share


Have a big habitat or farm project and lots of hands to help? PCD may have the tools to put your crew to good use! Contact renes@piercecd.org to discuss your needs for wheelbarrows, buckets, shovels and other tools we have for volunteer projects. 

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  1. Rene Skaggs

    Farm Planning & Agricultural Assistance Program Director and Nisqually Watershed Farm Resource Specialist
    Phone: 253.845.9770 ext. 106
    Cell: (253) 325-8367

    Alison Nichols

    Crop Farm Manager
    Phone: (253) 325-2918

    Paul Borne

    Key Peninsula, Gig Harbor & Islands Farm Resource Specialist
    Phone: (253) 325-8645

    Noah Janzing

    Farm Program Manager
    Phone: (253) 325-8820

    Equipment Rental Hours

    (Excluding Holidays)
    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.