Pierce Conservation District


308 West Stewart Ave.
Puyallup, WA 98371


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Name Title Email Phone
Buckingham, Melissa Water Quality Improvement Director 253-845-9770, ext. 109
Corwin, Selena Senior Finance and Administrative Director 253-845-9770, ext. 101
Gordon, Jayme Program Director 253-845-9770, ext. 102
Mahan, Kathryn Budget and Fund Development Coordinator 253-845-9770, ext. 110
McIvor, Kristen Urban Agriculture Program Director 253-363-1846
Mello, Ryan Executive Director 253-845-9770, ext. 107
Mott, Caleb Water Quality Assistant  
Paterno, Belinda Water Quality Technician  
Ragland, Isabel Water Quality Monitoring Program Manager 253-845-9770, ext. 103
Ross, Cynthia Finance Coordinator  
Skaggs, René Program Director 253-845-9770, ext. 106
Spencer, Madeleine Harvest Pierce County Program Manager  
Swanner, Kristine Finance Administrative Assistant 253-845-9770, ext. 100
Terpstra, Kate Habitat Improvement Coordinator 253-845-9770, ext. 108
Towe, Chris Program Coordinator 253-845-9770, ext. 112
Warren, Allan Communications & Development Manager  
Meschi, Renée Harvest Pierce County Program Manager  

Board of Supervisors 

Puyallup , WA 98371

Link: About Us Page

Name Title Email Phone
Dorner, Jeanette Chair  
Gruber, Scott Vice Chair  
Seago, David    
Wynn, Sheila Vice-Chair  
Sullivan, Dr. Brian Auditor