Pierce Conservation District


308 West Stewart Ave.
Puyallup, WA 98371


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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Coggon, Dana Executive Director (253) 278-4320  
Barnard, Lex (They/Them, He/Him) Gleaning Specialist AmeriCorps Member    
Bird, Ryan Habitat Restoration Manager (253) 225-0306  
Borne, Paul Key Peninsula, Gig Harbor, Islands Farm Resource Manager (253) 325-8645  
Buckingham, Melissa Water Quality Improvement Program Director (253) 325-8821  
DeMeo, Gracie Communications and Community Engagement Manager (253) 325-3722  
French, Graham (she/her) Water Quality Specialist AmeriCorps Member    
Green, Heather Habitat Improvement Program Director (253) 231-0252  
Johnson, Glenn Riparian Stewardship Program Manager (253) 325-8914  
Krauszer, Mary Shorelines Program Manager (253) 358-0088 253-358-0088
Lewis, Kristine Grants & Contracts Manager (253) 358-9008  
McIvor, Kristen Urban Agriculture Program Director 253-363-1846  
Nichols, Alison Crop Farm Program Manager (253) 325-2918  
Nishiyama, Mehgan Administrative Assistant 253-845-9770, ext. 100 (253) 225-9357
Paterno, Belinda Water Quality Program Manager (253) 225-9162  
Refaei, Saiyare Harvest Pierce County Program Coordinator (253) 303-9178  
S, J (she/her, they/them) Water Quality Specialist AmeriCorps Member (253) 325-3268  
Skaggs, René Farm Planning and Ag. Assistance Program Director 253-845-9770, ext. 106 (253) 325-8367
Towe, Chris Environmental Education Program Manager (253) 325-8622  
Hogan, Jessica Wildfire Preparedness Program Manager 253-720-2514  

Board of Supervisors 

Puyallup , WA 98371

Link: About Us Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Dorner, Jeanette Chair    
Haverkamp, Cindy Vice Chair    
Hopkins, John Auditor    
Mauren, Mark Board Member    
Moreno-Sills, Amy Board Member    
Trefry, Stuart Associate Board Supervisor