2009 Projects

The Green Partnership Fund is paused for the 2023 round.

Blueberry Park Volunteers - Enhanced Organic Blueberry Production ($3,000) - To rehabilitate the last 630 "never prunded" bushes in Blueberry Park.

Cascade Land Conservancy - Landowner Outreach/Education ($15,000) - To support outreach efforts to landowners to educate them about their options to conserve land.      

Citizens for a Healthy Bay - Student Stewards and Community Supported Habitat Restoration and Stewardship ($20,000) - To work with local educators to create and implement a hands-on community service restoration stewardship opportunity for high school students.  Additionally, the program proposes to expand volunteer opportunities to at least 2 additional estuarine sites within the City of Tacoma.

City of Sumner - Community Garden Project ($14,000) - To expand the community garden by 3.5 acres, in order to increase contributions to food banks in the community.

Food Connection - Sutherland Orchard ($15,000) - To support the development of 1-2 acre orchard owned by L'Arche Tahoma Hope Community. Sutherland Orchard will provide organic fruits for the food bank and Summer Meals clients, preserve Pierce County farmland and provide environmental education, interaction with adults with developmental disabilities and volunteer opportunities for the larger community.

Native Plant Salvage Program - Operating support ($11,035) - To expand plant salvaging and free plant distribution to accommodate both GTP members and a broader range of Pierce County recipients.

Nisqually River Basin Land Trust - Ashford Management Project ($6,000) - To incorporate the cultural, economic, and environmental concerns of the people of the Upper Nisqually Valley, into a written plan for the Land Trust's Mt. Rainier Gateway Initiative, this will acquire 4500 acres of threatened timberlands along Highway 706 and the main entrance of Mt. Rainier National Park.

PCC Farmland Trust - Orting Valley Farm Well Project ($12,000) - For two wells on a new farm being preserved in the Orting Valley.

Puget Creek Restoration Society - Natural Area Outreach to Citizens and Restoration ($10,000) -  To support restoration, education, stewardship and outreach programs to raise community awareness of the local urban habitat.

Stewardship Partners - Rain Garden Training ($20,000) - To train home and business owners, residing near the Chamber-Clovers and Puyallup River watersheds, how to build inexpensive rain gardens that have an immediate impact on local water quality.

Tahoma Audubon Society - Nisqually BMA BioBlitz ($10,000) - To identify species using Nature Mapping technology to record data, which is made available to both the public and regulatory agencies.

University of Washington Foundation - Institute for Service to the Community and Environment (ISCE) ($23,965) - To support four ISCE programs that include the UWT Rain Garden, Lake Stewardship Program, Lead in Drinking Water, and a Community Garden.