2012 Projects

The Green Partnership Fund is paused for the 2023 round.

Citizens for a Healthy Bay - Hylebos Habitat Restoration Phase II ($10,000): CHB will work cooperatively with the City of Milton and EarthCorps to continue the Hylebos Habitat Restoration project in Milton begun in 2011.  The project will include extensive outreach and recruitment of a diverse group of volunteers, two restoration events and ongoing monitoring of the Hylebos sites in Milton.

City of Puyallup - Silver Creek Restoration & Trail Building ($9,902.96): The Silver Creek Restoration project will restore over 3,000 feet of riparian habitat by installing 500+ plants, trees, and shrubs, and expand the walking trail by 1,000+ feet, and design.

City of Puyallup - Porous Driveway Initiative ($10,000): The Porous Driveway Initiative will install 1,500 square-feet of permeable-paved driveways at two or more homes in the TMDL-affected Clarks Creek basin. This project will support TMDLs for Clarks Creek, remove impervious surfaces, provide education on permeable paving for residential applications, and involve the community through workshops and volunteer opportunities.

Forterra - Green Tacoma Partnership (GTP) Community Engagement Project ($9,000): The Green Tacoma Partnership (GTP) annually engages thousands of community members in the restoration and stewardship of our beautiful natural areas, particularly by replacing invasive plants with natives. This grant would increase outreach capacity, training more children and adults to protect our natural areas on-the-ground using best environmental management practices.

Harbor WildWatch - Feet on the Beach ($10,000): Harbor WildWatch requests funds from the Green Partnership Fund to provide 60 interpretive marine education programs in 2012 that introduce the public to intertidal creatures in Puget Sound and to design a citizen science program that enlists local residents in a long-term biodiversity monitoring study at five Pierce County beaches.

Nisqually River Basin Land Trust - Ohop Valley Stewardship 2012-13 ($5,400): Initial components of Phase 1 of the Ohop Creek Restoration project will be complete in the spring of 2012. The Land Trust is requesting funds to help with stewardship activities at this project site - monitoring, maintenance, and developing a management plan for Land Trust Property in the Ohop valley.

Northwest Leadership Foundation - Hilltop Garden Explorers ($9,000): Hilltop Gardens Explorers is a Summer student gardening project  that engages youth in the many facets of gardening to  enhance skills, leadership, healthy and active living, success in school and community.

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park - Wetland Enhancement and Education Program ($10,000): Northwest Trek is seeking funding to purchase plants and planting materials for a wetland creation, restoration and enhancement site on the property.  The project will incorporate a combination of Trek staff and community volunteers in work parties and training sessions to teach the importance of wetlands.

PCC Farmland Trust - Increasing sustainable agriculture opportunities in the Puyallup Valley ($5,000): This project is an on-the-farm networking event between landowners and land seekers to increase sustainable and organic agriculture in the Puyallup Valley. Partnering with Washington Farmlink, PCC Farmland Trust will host an event connecting potential Puyallup Valley farmers with land opportunities, while educating about our farmland conservation program.

University of Washington, Tacoma - Wapato Lake Volunteer Monitoring Program ($9,999.48): Building off of a three-year volunteer monitoring effort at Wapato Lake, this project creates a research and outreach collaboration involving students from Lincoln Center.  Students will be introduced to basic limnology and environmental chemistry through lake and storm water monitoring and help design and implement solutions to improve water quality.