2013 Projects

The Green Partnership Fund is paused for the 2023 round.

Citizens for a Healthy Bay - Student Steward Conservation Project ($9,860): This funding will support the training and engagement of middle school and high school students in stewardship and habitat restoration work at Gog Le Hi Te wetlands in the Port of Tacoma.

City of Gig Harbor - Donkey Creek Restoration and Transportation Improvements ($4,000): This funding will support the cost of the native plants to be planted along newly constructed channel which is part of the Donkey Creek Restoration and Transportation Improvements project.

City of Puyallup - Porous Driveway Initiative ($10,000): This funding will support the retrofit of at least 2,000 ft2 of residential driveway(s) with permeable pavements to improve water quality & serve as demonstration in the TMDL-affected Clarks Creek basin.

Forterra - Salishan Community Engagement through Restoration ($10,000): This funding will provide restoration crew and project management capacity to support a community-focused restoration project intended to engage low-income, diverse residents of the Salishan housing community.

Nisqually Land Trust - Ohop Valley Stewardship 2013-14 ($7,500): This funding will support activities on Land Trust property the Ohop Valley, including monitoring, maintenance, development of a management plan, and Phase 2 restoration activities.

Northwest Trek - Wetland Enhancement and Education Project ($8,000): This funding will support the enhancement of 6 ¼ acres of non-compensatory wetland buffer zone with approximately 2000 plants and protective tubes.

PCC Farmland Trust - Reise Farm Creek & Field Restoration ($7,925): This funding will support a first phase of restoration activities benefiting the headwaters of Ball Creek, and the adjacent Reise Farm, on a recently conserved property transitioning to sustainable practices.

Stewardship Partners - Community-based Depaving in Pierce County ($8,000): This funding will support the direct expenses of a community-based depaving demonstration project in Pierce County – working in concert with the 12,000 Rain Gardens in Puget Sound campaign.

Sustainable Roots of the Northwest Leadership Foundation - East Side Youth Garden Project ($10,000): This funding will support youth gardening on Tacoma’s East Side and a seven week Summer gardening program for 10 -20 students ( 4th to 8th grade).