2010 Projects

The Green Partnership Fund is paused for the 2023 round.

City of Puyallup - Meeker & Silver Creek Habitat Restoration ($9,600): To support invasive weed spraying and removal, supplemental plantings, wetland trail restoration to support salmon enhancement efforts along Meeker and Silver Creeks. Project provided education to young students through hands-on actions that will benefit water quality and salmon habitat.

Friends of the Hylebos Wetlands - East Hylebos Ravine Forest Health ($10,000): To support the health of local forestry by removing invasive plants from 2-3 acres of the East Hylebos Ravine forest and implementing part of the forest management plan.

Graham-Kapowsin Community Council - Ecosystem Explorer's Stream Clean Up on the North Fork of Muck Creek ($1,000): To support Graham children and youth from five to eight schools as they clean up the North Fork of Muck Creek so salmon, plants and other wildlife have a better habitat.

Narrows View Intermediate School - Rain Garden Installation ($5,500): To support the development of a rain garden on the Narrows View Intermediate campus by students, parents, and community volunteers.

Pacific Lutheran University - Urban Habitat Restoration Project ($7,000): To support a collaborative and educational project to remove invasive plant species on PLU's campus, and replant and restore those areas to their natural and historical origins.

PCC Farmland Trust - Orting Valley Farms Irrigation Improvement ($10,000): To support critical infrastructure needed at the Orting Valley Farms which will allow farmers to irrigate their property and retain water rights in a way that efficiently manages water supply.

Stewardship Partners - Rain Garden Training Workshops ($10,000): To support six rain garden training workshops at various locations throughout Pierce County to teach residents about the effective means for treating storm water pollution.

Tahoma Audubon Society - Crescent Lake Senior Culminating Projects ($2,450): To support project planning and mentorship of up to ten Peninsula High School senior culminating projects on science, education, and restoration activities at Crescent Lake in Gig Harbor.

University of Washington - ISCE projects ($10,000): Giving Garden Expansion, Green Building and First Creek Restoration:  To support UW Tacoma's service learning initiative by expanding the UW Tacoma Giving Garden, forming a green building partnership and restoring First Creek.

Emergency Food Network - Farm Equipment Project ($10,000):  To purchase farm equipment for Mother Earth Farm so that the farm can continue to provide fresh produce to county food banks.

Guadalupe Land Trust - Gallucci Learning Garden ($10,000): A venue for demonstration of how citizens can grow healthy low cost food in an urban setting.  The site will have demonstration gardens illustrating how food and ornamental gardens can be integrated in an urban setting.

Tacoma Farmers Market - Growing Our Future ($9,525):  To support farmland preservation by sponsoring new, first-time farmers a season of direct marketing at the farmers market(s) and the expansion of community/citizen gardeners through market education demonstrations.